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Our Approach

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Identifying the issue, problem or opportunity facing your brand. Setting these within an accurate context.


This is the heart of the process, the idea that will power the solution. It could be an insight into customer behavior, an insight derived from the brand, even an emerging trend in the market.


The idea comes to life through its engagement with the consumer. The nature of the engagement is determined by two considerations:

  • How relevant is it to the environment in which we are operating?
  • How faithfully does it communicate the engine, the brand idea?

The engagement is also shaped by the economic and logistical considerations and constraints) of the brand.


Even the greatest of engines will splutter, cough and grind to an embarrassing halt if the nuts and bolts of its execution are not well oiled.


What happened at the end of the engagement? What was the degree of success? Were benchmarks met? This is the stage of evaluation.