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Paid Events

The impact of Paid Events as a tool to increase the perceived value of a brand is well recognized today. Paid Events can also help clients offset part of their marketing cost, thereby making these type of events a cost-effective marketing tool.

At End To End we have more than one and a half decades experience in organizing and marketing various types of Paid Events. We partner with clients to “sell” an event. We also help our clients create and design events where their customers and potential customers pay to attend, thereby enhancing their engagement with the brand.

Our expertise in a sales-led approach and smart database management ensures that any type of event can be marketed to the right audience. We support our clients in their Audience Generation effort, sell event tickets, and bring in partners and sponsors.

End To End has extensive experience in managing various types of Paid Events including:

Our Capabilities

At End To End, we leverage Infonautix, our database marketing solution to meet all our clients' marketing challenges. We design customized database-led solutions, analyze customer data, generate leads and even implement a CRM solution. Infonautix is complemented by our TeleServices offering. End To End's extensive experience in TeleServices enables us to offer our clients a range of service capabilities. The robust and well-trained team has a sales-led yet receptive approach, thereby guaranteed to drive the success of any event and ensure meaningful results.

We have our own in-house team of specialists to help design, plan and execute events. We consistently provide the most cost-effective, low-risk, turn-key event solutions to address our clients marketing objectives.

Moreover, we are a one-stop shop, supporting any event with the following services:

We also offer:

We always ensure that our customized event solutions are careful monitored, right from the creation, and through the entire deployment process, in order to guarantee our clients the finest end-quality.